Moldex3D injection simulation

Moldex 3D is the leading CAE system for performing complex simulations of plastic flow in the cavities of mold cavities for both thermoplastics and thermosets.

The program allows the START company to very accurately predict and prevent possible problems related to the injection process already at the detail design stage. It is also possible to optimize the geometry of the part and the process parameters in order to produce the correct part and introduce it to the market in the shortest possible time.

A number of modules implemented in the eDesign version, which START is equipped with, make it possible to simulate the complete injection process, starting from the stage of filling the cavity, through the stage of clamping, cooling and ending with the reading of any deformations occurring after the entire production process.

Thanks to the ability to import a wide range of 3D model exchange files, among others. STEP, STL, it is possible to integrate Moldex3D environment with virtually any CAD environment. We are able to repair and modify the imported geometry in a very short time to start the proper simulation.

The course of the injection molding machine closing force


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