Construction office

The START company has its own construction office. The office employs qualified engineers, both with many years of experience and ambitious graduates. Designers and technologists use CAD / CAM / CAE software: Inventor, SolidEdge, Moldex 3D, NX, Esprit, EdgeCAM, MOLDEX.

We have extensive experience in the construction, production and operation of injection molds, dies, dies and processing devices, which allows us to provide services in this area.

We do not provide only design services. We are happy to cooperate from design to production.

We implement all projects on the basis of the customer’s design or prepared by our design office based on the received drawing and CAD model of the product. We also undertake the design of the product and its technical documentation based on the patterns or guidelines specified by the Client. In each case, we ensure the confidentiality and exclusive property of the client in the field of information entrusted to us of a technical nature or industrial design.


If you need a reliable and timely cooperator - we invite you to cooperation!
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