Die sinking EDM

EDM is a type of technologically advanced, highly precise machining. The method is based on the use of erosion accompanying electric discharges between the electrode and the material in a dielectric environment.

We offer advanced EDM services in the field of:

  • we work on Agie4U, Sodick AD3L, Sodick AD55L machines
  • small, medium and large items (maximum object dimensions 1400x800x600, weight up to 2t)
  • range of obtained surface roughness Ra12.5 – Ra0.2
  • the range of the obtained accuracy 0.2 – 0.005 mm
  • the service may include the development of a technological process along with the production of copper or graphite electrodes


In most cases, we prepare a price offer based on the inquiry
In special cases, we suggest using an as-built calculation, specifying the estimated value of the service and the hourly rate used.
In this case, as part of the work settlement, we present a report on its implementation, detailing the labor-intensity components.
In order to speed up the preparation of an offer for EDM plunging, please send a 3D CAD file (stp, x_t, igs) with the request, specifying the scope of processing, type of material and condition of the delivered blank, as well as a technical drawing containing the specification of the required dimensional tolerances and surface roughness after drilling.

Information on the size of the lot subject to valuation is also necessary.
You can count on quick and careful execution of the task and resonable prices.

EDM sinking is an irreplaceable method of making dies and stamps of injection and pressure molds, as well as precision tools and machine parts, including those made of difficult-to-machine materials. It is used in the machining of places where the access of the cutting tool is difficult. EDM sinker EDM allows for obtaining complex shapes, corresponding to the geometry of the previously prepared electrode “immersing” in the material – hence the term electrode sinking.

The dielectric in this process is a special type of odorless kerosene with a high flash point and precisely selected viscosity.

As the dielectric vapors produced during the process are flammable, the work must be carefully prepared and supervised. The machines are equipped with a number of automatic safeguards, a ventilation system that removes gaseous erosion products, a cooling system that maintains the dielectric temperature at a given level and an emergency fire system, the task of which is to nip the fire in the bud if it did occur.

In order to ensure conditions for particularly precise work and to protect sensitive electronic components, the sinking EDM machines are installed in a separate and air-conditioned room.

All the erosion machines currently used in our plant enable CNC operation according to a programmed path in 3 XYZ axes, with automatic change of generator parameters and automatic electrode replacement. Their control system allows you to quickly create complex programs using complex functions of plane and spatial orbit.

By using an additional rotary axis, it is possible to obtain precise angular or helical shapes, e.g. threads in parts made of hardened steel or sintered carbide.

In the EDM process, graphite or copper electrodes are used, fixed with the use of the 3R reference system, although in special cases it is possible to use electrodes made of other materials such as tungsten copper, sintered carbide or silver.

The advantage of EDM sinking is the ability to process almost any conductive material, including high-hardness materials such as hardened steel or cemented carbide. A serious technological problem occurring during EDM plunging are the phenomena of electrode wear and difficult rinsing occurring especially in the case of drilling deep or convex shapes.

These problems have been minimized thanks to the use of modern Sodick EDM machines with linear drives, which are characterized by unprecedented dynamics and speed of movements of the working axes (up to 36 m / min!) While maintaining sub-micron precision and a generator specially adapted to the use of graphite electrodes. Thanks to this, it is possible to perform EDM in extremely difficult conditions without the use of forced (pressure) rinsing, only by dynamic pulsation of the electrode and with very little wear.

Of course, the technical excellence of the EDM machines used does not exempt from careful preparation of the technological process in accordance with the rules of art, starting with the design and proper execution of electrodes, optimal programming of the process and the selection of appropriate drilling and rinsing parameters. With the experience accumulated over 20 years of using EDM, initially on incomparably less technically advanced machines and unforgiving errors in setting up and preparing the work, we achieve very good results on extremely successful and fast Sodick machines.

However, this requires a multi-stage, careful preparation, usually involving the design and technology department (CAD3D electrode design), the CNC machining department (2-5 axis turning and milling) and the Measurement Chamber (dimensional verification).


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