“Start” Company is a family owned business that has been present on the market since 1937.

For the first 70 years of its existence our company had its subsequent seats in Warsaw’s’ district Wola, sharing its turbulent and sometimes tragic history. In 2008 we moved to a modern office in Ożarów Mazowiecki on the premises of a former Wire Factory.

During our longstanding history we have developed and led to high efficiency the production of automotive and bicycle accessories, especially pumps for vehicle tires, for which the company is widely known and renowned on both Polish and foreign markets. We have taken advantage of our experiences gained during this period and developed our own tool shop, which for over 20 years constitutes a separate department of the firm.

We have wide experience in constructing, manufacturing and operation of injection molds, die sets, punch sets and machine tools, which enables us to perform quality services in this field. Significant technological potential of the facility fosters undertaking cooperative tasks. Our ambition is to provide marketable products, distinguished by the top price-quality ratio. We also design and build specialized tools and provide related services on the supreme level.

START DOBROWOLSKI General Partnership was founded in 2008, from transforming a civil law partnership START that Jerzy and Rafał Dobrowolski founded in w 1999.
The partnership continues tradition START company founded in 1937 by Stefan Dobrowolski. 

Presently co-owners of the company are:

MSc. Engr. Jerzy Dobrowolski 
President, Associate

Graduate from the Technological-Mechanical Faculty in Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), in 1964-1870 he was employed in PZL Wola (production of compression-ignition engines) consecutively at positions of constructor, foreman and tool-shop, as well as technological office manager. In 1970-1980 he worked in WZM (production of combustion apparatus) – on the following positions: tool-shop manager, production department W2 manager, which employed 500 people, and main specialist in terms of production automation.
Since 1980 he has conducted his own business activities, initially in cooperation with his father, Stefan Dobrowolski. In the company, he is in charge of financial matters, budget planning, taking key decisions on the program of production and pricing strategy.

MSc. Engr. Rafał Dobrowolski
Vice technical president, Associate

Graduate from the Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering in WUT. Affiliated with START since 1990, in 1999 became an associate. Perfectly acquainted with every aspect of company’s work, beginning with the expertise of construction and operation of owned machines and ending with participation in vital decisions. In terms of department managing, he oversees technical matters and performance of the tool-shop. He personally carries out or supervises tasks related with preparation of offers, arranging construction and technology of home, as well as contracted wares. His tasks also include: entering into agreements, exercising supervision over orders realization and planning the company’s technological development. Additionally he is the author and consultant of all currently manufactured merchandise.

Supervision over current affairs of the plant is executed by management:

MSc. Engr. Sławomir Jelonek
Toolroom Manager

Graduate from Faculty of Precision Mechanics in WUT (at present Faculty of Mechatronics). Since 1995 he has been holding a managing position.  Employed in 1987-1995 in press and die set Hydomat factory.  Next in 1995 he took a position at Thomson Polkolor plant in Piaseczno, where he consecutively occupied the positions of tool-shop technologist and tool-shop manager.  In 2009-2010 he was a tool-shop manager for Gerda Hydomat company and during 2011-2012 managed a tool-shop at PTS firm in Karczew. He is a part of START company since September 2012.

Eng. Przemysław Wiśniewski
Production manager

In 2001, he started working at POP Time as a logistics and procurement specialist, then, after starting the plastics department, he became the production manager. In 2015-2017, she headed the plastics and printing department at DAGO Display. From February 2017, he is the production manager at START.


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