Wire electro discharge machinning WEDM

EDM is a type of technologically advanced, highly precise machining. The method is based on the use of erosion accompanying electric discharges between the electrode and the material in a dielectric environment.

We offer advanced services in the field of WEDM :

  • we work on Charmilles Robofil240CC, Robofil 190, Mitsubishi MV1200R, MV2400S, Accutex machines
  • range of wire diameters used 0.1 – 0.3, standard 0.25
  • maximum item dimensions x1000 x y500 x z420
  • processing of electrically conductive materials such as steels, non-ferrous metals, graphite, sintered carbides, special sinters (PKD polycrystalline diamond, CBN CBN)
  • range of obtained surface roughness Ra2.7 – Ra0.1
  • range of accuracy 0.1 – 0.001 mm
  • machining programs prepared with the use of CAM software (Esprit, EdgeCam) based on documentation entrusted or prepared on request by our design office


In most cases, we prepare a price offer based on the inquiry. In special cases, we suggest using an as-built calculation, specifying the estimated value of the service and the hourly rate used.
In this case, as part of the work settlement, we present a report on its implementation, detailing the labor-intensity components.

In order to speed up the preparation of the offer for WEDM, please send a 2D (dxf, dwg) or 3D (stp, x_t, igs) CAD drawing with the request, specifying the geometry of the object, expected accuracy and roughness, as well as the type of material and the condition of the blank (including the location start holes if prepared). Information on the size of the lot subject to valuation is also necessary.

WEDM commonly known as wire cutting, is a method of making complex shapes that are difficult or impossible to perform by machining. In the electro-discharge machining process, a brass wire electrode is most often used, guided along a programmed path in order to cut the desired shape in the workpiece. The dielectric in this process is deionized water. WEDM can only be performed in materials that conduct electricity, such as steel or tungsten carbide.

It is possible to process straight and inclined surfaces (2-axis wire EDM with constant inclination) and shapes with a different profile at the top and bottom of the cross-section (4-axis wire EDM). The only limitation is that the machined geometry consists only of rectangular through surfaces, with an inclination not exceeding a certain limit depending on the type of machine used and the height of the object.

The maximum tilt angle is 45 deg / side.

In addition, with the use of special equipment (additional CNC rotary axis), we can conduct WEDM in a special version:

  • angular indexed machining in an automatic cycle
  • machining with 3 or 5-axis spatial interpolation (combination of rotary motion and XYUV straight axes)
  • wire electroerosion turning WEDM, applicable to small rotary details impossible to be made with traditional methods

In order to ensure conditions for particularly precise work and to protect sensitive electronic components, WEDM machines are installed in a separate and air-conditioned room.


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