Injection molds

Powered by many years’ experience, our own constructional-technological office, highly qualified personnel and the most modern  park of machinning tools, we offer high quality processing injection (and more) molds.

Our offer includes:

  • hot and cold channel injection molds
  • for technical details of complicated shapes and high measurements requirements, including for automotive sector
  • for cosmetics packaging and products with high esthetic requirements
  • for production of small, medium and big molded pieces. Maximum dimension measurements of a mold are 1200 x 700 x500, mass up to 1500 kg
  • molds for rubber
  • other kinds of molds, based on given documentation (e.g. pressure molds,  etc. )
  • repair and regeneration of used, damaged or needing modification molds. In case of lack of necessary documentation we undertake its recreating with use of reverse engineering.
  • production of parts using our injection molding capabilities on machines with closing force of range 20-300 T.

We build molds based on a construction given by the client or design made by our construction department on the basis of received specifikation and CAD model of the product. We also undertake constructional designing of the ware and its technical documentation based on pattern or directions given by the client. In any case we ensure confidentiality and sole proprietorship of the client in terms of information of technical character or industrial patterns given to us.

In manufacturing molds we use standardized parts from such prominent producers present on our market as: FCPK Bytów, Meusburger, Hasco, and Metalimpex.The hot channel systems we mostly use the systems from Thermoplay, Mold Masters, ELWIK according to customer wishes.

Testing of new injection molds is mostly achieved in our plant on one of many injection molds machines used for current production, so the client receives a fully checked functional mold with a set of molded pieces after measurement, also equipped with a certificate of compatibility with the technical drawing.
Molds produced by us are warranted for certain time and/or number of produced molded pieces determined individually in conditions of the order. Moreover, we guarantee the lifetime periods of service and regeneration for our tools.

Below we present you the examples of manufactured molds and molded pieces produced on them.

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