Technological Capabilities

Machining department

Milling machines:

  • 5-axis machinning center AVIA Vario HS
  • 5-axis machinning center AVIA X5-1250 × 630, (travel range 1250x700x670)
  • 4-axle machinning center MAS MCV1270, (1270x610x710)
  • 3-axis machinning center HAAS VM-2, (750x508x508)
  • 3-axis machinning center HAAS DT 1
  • 3-axis machinning center AVIA VMC 1000
  • HSM Mikron Mill S 500 machining center
  • CNC Avia FNE40N (620x420x400)
  • conventional and toolroom


  • turning-milling  machinning center Goodway GLS-200M, fi380x500
  • turning-milling  machinning center SMART AZK-32DE, fi32x90
  • turning-milling  machinning center Venus 350
  • turning-milling  machinning center HAAS ST-15
  • CNC TUG 56MN “Maryna”, fi560x1000
  • turret, automatic and production lathes


  • surface, 2pcs., max.1000×400
  • Jotes SOJ-10 hole grinder
  • for WMW shafts and holes fi125x200,
  • for Jotes-Schaudt fi250x500 rollers

EDM department

Wire EDM machines:

  • CHARMILLES Robofil 240CC, (350x220x220)
  • Charmilles Robofil 190
  • ACCUTEX SP-300, (350x250x220)
  • MITSUBISHI 2400S, (600x400x420)
  • Mitsubishi 1200 R (400x250x220)

Die sinking EDM machines:

  • Accutex AM-528D electroerosion drill
  • Sodick AD-3L, (350x250x250)
  • Sodick AD 55L (600x400x400)
  • AgieTron 4U, (600x500x700)

Quality control and reverse engineering department:

  • CMM Coord3 Ares NT 12.7.5 coordinate measuring machine, offset 1200x700x500, production year 2015
  • Optical measuring machine DeMeet 400
  • a set of precise micrometers, inside gauges, sensors, gauges, gauge blocks and other measuring instruments
  • room with temperature and humidity control system and air filtration
  • computer workstation equipped with CAD / CAM Inventor, SolidEdge, NX systems and specialized measuring software Touch DMIS and ArcoCAD Inspection

Production department

  • Krauss Maffei, Engel and Battenfeld injection molding machines with clamping forces from 35 to 500 T – 11 pcs.
  • eccentric presses with pressure from 6 to 100 T – 7 pcs.
  • hydraulic presses with pressure from 3 to 160 T – 5 pcs.
  • presses and assembly devices – approx. 20 items
  • powder paint shop with full equipment

Construction office

The office employs qualified engineers, both with many years of experience and ambitious graduates. Designers and technologists use CAD / CAM / CAE software: Inventor, SolidEdge, Moldex 3D, NX, Esprit, EdgeCAM, MOLDEX


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