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In over seventy years of production activity we have acquired rich experience in making durable and reliable products. We work based on our own constructional and technical elaborations, ensuring the high quality of products. Our ambition is to produce marketable products, best in its category and in affordable prices.

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Foot operated pump with a manometer “START”

High-quality pump with a precise manometer in the accuracy class of 1.6, designed for pumping tires of cars, motorcycles, bicycles and sports equipment. Also used for pumping hydrophores and checking the tightness of the installation.
The pump with pressure gauge was designed as a car pump, but its users have given it many other uses. It also serves as a stationary bicycle and motorcycle pump. If necessary, to pump sports equipment and children’s toys. After installing the ordered, suitably long hose, the pump with a pressure gauge is often used for pumping hydrophores and for checking the tightness of gas and hydraulic installations.

Foot operated pump „Traper” with a manometer

It is a development of the popular pump “Start”. The pump is distinguished by a rigid plastic base, ensuring stable operation of the pump on any surface. The base and the cover constitute a durable, aesthetic packaging. Due to its advantages, the pump is addressed to demanding users, considering the possibility of pumping in the field. The set of nozzles includes a needle for pumping footballs.
Registered Registered Community Design No. 001879537-0001

Hand operated pump

The hand pump works in practically all conditions, you can also take it on a trip without fear – it will work not only when inflating a mattress or bed, but also in emergency situations, assuming that the campers went on a trip using the proverbial two wheels.

High-pressure pump “Lider”

Due to its qualities, the LIDER 2 high-pressure pump is especially recommended to advanced cyclists and bicycle service points. Thanks to the well-chosen proportions, the aluminum cylinder ensures high efficiency, allowing for quick pumping of bicycle wheels to a pressure of 10 bar with little effort. A high-quality manometer with an adjustable pointer enables accurate pressure measurement, and its location on the top of the pump facilitates reading the indications. A solid, steel base with anti-slip elements ensures a stable vertical position and a long flexible hose – easy to use. The set of nozzles includes a needle for pumping footballs.

The base model of the rack for bike transportation “START”

A cheap roof rack for transporting bicycles with a round frame, diameter 22-45 mm. The START rack is a holder for transporting bicycles on the roof rack. Thanks to the good quality of the raw materials used, solid profile sections and careful workmanship, it ensures safe transport of bicycles with a round frame.

The rack for bike transportation „Homar”

A rack for transporting bicycles on a roof rack. The uniform headband and self-centering jaws ensure a rigid and symmetrical fit. Flexible jaw caps prevent paint damage to the bicycle frame. The used knobs allow screwing to the beams without using a key.
Suitable for gripping round frames with a diameter of 24-60 mm, oval and flat oval frames with a maximum dimension of 75 mm.

The aluminum rack for bike transportation „Homar ALU”

“Homar ALU” racks are an improved version of the popular “Homar” steel rack. They gained aesthetics and durability thanks to the use of aluminum profiles. The rigidity of the structure is improved by a reinforced base and massive wheel holders. The trunks successfully passed the crash test with a delay of 8G without deformation. Equipped with a set of fastening elements to the base steel and aluminum beams with a T-slot.

The racks for ski and snowboard transportation „Slalom”

“Slalom” is a series of aluminum, universal racks for transporting skis and snowboards on the car roof, with the quality and appearance not inferior to the best available on the market. Their design allows easy assembly and easy operation, without removing the ski gloves. SLALOM luggage racks come in three variants with different transport possibilities. The characteristic digital identifier corresponds to the dimensions of the loading space.

The screw jack Start 2007

The jack is designed for emergency lifting of cars with a total weight of up to 2000 kg.
The use of a rolling thrust bearing facilitates lifting. Working height up to 350 mm.


Suction and pressure pump for various applications. Suitable for oil filling of automotive gears.

Bicycle hanger

Designed for wall hanging of various types of bicycles, including ladies, in a position parallel to the wall. It can also be used as a hanger for other items or as a shelf support. The set includes a set of fastening elements.

Crimp tip

Universal fitting for compressor hoses with an internal diameter of 6 mm.
Warning! Not applicable to Start pump hoses.


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