Turning CNC

CNC machining, i.e. computer-controlled, is used, among others in many types of cutting machine tools. CNC technology ensures high dimensional and dimensional accuracy, repeatability and efficiency, with a relatively simple and quick preparation process. Thanks to this, this type of machining is ideally suited to the industry that produces elements that require accuracy and precision, both in series and unit production.

We offer advanced services in the field of CNC turning and CNC turning and milling:

  • on 3-7-axis turning-milling centers Goodway, SMART, VENUS, HAAS and CNC lathe TUG-56 MARYNA
  • machining accuracy up to 0.01mm, roughness up to Ra0.4
  • processing of various materials – most often constructional, quality, acid-resistant and tool steels (including hardened up to 70HRC) and
  • non-ferrous metals and plastics. We do not process cast iron.
  • batch processing of small and medium objects up to 50 x 400 mm, unit processing of large objects up to 300 x 1000 mm and 560 x 80 mm


In most cases, we prepare a price offer based on the inquiry
In special cases, we suggest using an as-built calculation, specifying the estimated value of the service and the hourly rate used.
In this case, as part of the work settlement, we present a report on its implementation, detailing the labor-intensity components.
In order to speed up the preparation of the offer for CNC milling, please send a 3D CAD file (stp, x_t, igs) specifying the scope of processing, type of material and condition of the delivered blank, and a technical drawing containing the specification of the required dimensional tolerances and surface roughness after machining.

Information on the size of the lot subject to valuation is also necessary.
You can count on quick and careful execution of the task and reasonable prices.

CNC turning is a machining process that allows you to make objects with a rotational shape, such as a shaft, disc, sleeve. The process consists in shaping objects made of metal, plastic or other machinable materials with a tool (knife, drill, tap). The workpiece performs the main rotary movement of the cut, and the tool feeds along a pre-programmed path.

In the case of turning and milling machining centers, it is also possible to perform additional operations with driven tools, such as drilling, threading or milling, allowing to obtain precisely arranged holes and threads on the turned object, flat, prismatic and shaped surfaces, as well as special surfaces, such as teeth or helical surfaces. It is characterized by wide versatility limited by the length and diameter of the tool that can be used.

The process is supervised by the machine controller (computer). The machines used in our plant are equipped with Siemens or Fanuc controls, enabling quick loading and execution of programs previously prepared on external computers with CAM software, as well as supporting the development, editing and simulation of code from the controller level.

All our machines are equipped with tool probes that ensure the highest precision and speed up preparation for work.

Our turning-milling machining centers allow for long-term, unattended operation with automatic tool change located in the turret. The process can be fully automatic when using bar-type material fed through the feeder-magazine.

CNC turning can be performed in our plant on many different machines differing in size, complexity of the kinematic system (number of axes controlled from 2 to 7), spindle speed (from 2 to 6 thousand rpm), as well as stiffness and precision.


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