Small hole EDM drilling

The EDM method is also used to drill holes that cannot be made with other machining methods. EDM makes it possible to efficiently make holes in metallic materials, including sintered carbide and special sinters.

Holes made by EDM on a special EDM drill are not characterized by high precision and are most often used as starting holes in the WEDM wire EDM process. In addition, the holes made in this way can be used as venting or supplying fluids in lubrication, cooling or pneumatic systems.

A frequent application is also the removal of tools broken in the material, e.g. taps.

Our small hole EDM capabilities:

  • diameter of the holes made from 0.3 to 3 mm.
  • the maximum depth of holes depending on the diameter from 20 to 150 diameters
  • maximum height of the workpiece 280 mm
  • holes made by this method are used as starting points for wire cutting, and in many cases they can also be used as venting, lubricating etc. In case of high requirements regarding the accuracy of shape, dimension and roughness, they must be finished with a WEDM or EDM die sinking machine.


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