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Technological Capabilities

Construction office


- the office hires numerous qualified engineers with many years’ experience, as well as ambitious graduates
- constructors and technologists use CAD/CAM/CAE software as Inventor, SolidEdge, NX, Esprit, EdgeCAM, MOLDEX

Machining department



- 5-axial machinning center AVIA X5-1250x630, (moves in axes 1250x700x670)
- 4-axial  machinning center MAS MCV1270, (1270x610x710)
- 3-axial machinning center HAAS VM-2,(750x508x508)
- HSM machinning center HAAS DT-1 (500x400x400)
- toolroom CNC Avia FNE40N, (620x420x400)
- CNC Mikromat 9C, (1120x680x680)
- conventional and toolroom - 3 pcs.

Turning :

- turning-milling  machinning center Goodway GLS-200M, dia.380x500
- milling  machinning center SMART AZK-32DE, dia.32x90
- lathe CNC TUG 56MN, dia.560x1000
- tool-room lathes conventional - 2 pcs.
- turret, automatic and production lathes - 10 pcs.


- surface, 2pcs., max.1000x400
- for holes - 1 pc
- for shafts - 2 pcs, max dia.250x500
- toolroom - 2 pcs.

EDM department


Wire EDMs:

  • CHARMILLES Robofil 240CC,(350x220x220)
  • ACCUTEX SP-300, (350x250x220)
  • AGIECUT 200D, (400x250x256)
  • Hitachi 3Q, (450x300x300)
  • MITSUBISHI 2400S, (600x400x420)

Sinking EDMs:

  • EDM drilling machine Accutex AM-528D
  • Sodick AD-3L, (350x250x250)
  • AgieTron 4U, (600x500x700)
  • Prontomatic (400x300x300)
  • ZAP BP-97

Reverse engineering and quality control department


- jig measurement machine CMM Coord3 Ares NT 12.7.5,(1200x700x500)
- a set of precision micrometers, bore gauges, sensors, go/no go gauges, gauge blocks and other measurement instruments
- a chamber with temperature and humidity control system, including air filtration
- computer station equipped with systems CAD/CAM Inventor, SolidEdge, NX and specialized measurement software ArcoCAD Inspection

Production department


- injection molding machines Kuasy and Engel with closing force from 20 to 300 T - 7 sets
- eccentric presses with pressure power from 6 to 100 T - 7 pcs.
- hydraulic presses with pressure power from 3 to 160 T - 5 pcs.
- pneumatic presses and another assembly stations - apr. 20 pcs.
- fully equipped powder paint shop