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Product manufacturing

In over seventy years of production activity we have acquired rich experience in making durable and reliable products. We work based on our own constructional and technical elaborations, ensuring the high quality of products. Our ambition is to produce marketable products, best in its category and in affordable prices.

We kindly invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer:

Foot operated pump „Traper” with a manometer


The pump is equipped in a precise manometer compatible with EN 12645 standard, setting requirements for manometers for tires in mechanical vehicles. The manometer has the legalization of Central Office of Measures. Considering its values, the pump is aimed at demanding users, appreciating precision of pressure measurement and anticipating the possibility of field measurement.

Foot operated pump with a manometer


Intended for inflate vehicle tires, motorcycles, bicycles and sport sets. It is used also for hydrophone pumping and checking installation’s leakproofness.

Hand operated pump


Designed for inflate vehicle tires, motorcycles, bicycles and sport sets.

High-pressure pump "Lider"


High-pressure pump LIDER is intended for pumping vehicle tires, sports gear and hydrophores, as well as conducting leakproofness tests of installations. Considering its values, it is especially recommended for advanced cyclists and bicycle service points.

The base model of the rack for bike transportation "START"



The rack for bike transportation „Homar”


The bicycle holder for various size bike transportation. It has a Safety Certificate category B. Uniform bail and self-centering jaws assure stiff and symmetric bicycle holding. Elastic jaws straps prevent damage to bicycle frame’s painting. Used wrenches enable attachment to bars without the need of a spanner.

The aluminum rack for bike transportation „HomarALU”


A rack for transportation of bicycles in varied sizes on a roof bars. Suitable for grasping circular, oval and flat-oval frames. Mounted at typical car roof bars. The bicycle rack „Homar ALU” constitute enhanced versions of a popular steel one  „Homar”. 

The racks for ski and snowboard transportation „Slalom”


„Slalom” is a series of aluminum, universal racks for high class ski and snowboard transportation. They successfully compete with the best trunks on market in both quality and appearance, and overcome them in terms of price. Their construction enables easy assembling and service – including in hard, winter conditions, without the need of taking off ski gloves.

The screw jack Start 2007


Vehicle screw jack with a universal purpose, used to lift cars with a total mass of up to 2000kg. Implementing a thrust rolling bearing reduces the resistance of screw’s movement. 

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